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Teeheehee - Journal Prompts

About Teeheehee

Previous Entry Teeheehee Jan. 8th, 2005 @ 09:51 pm Next Entry
I suppose that If I'm going to be Mod here I need to be here once in a while, eh?

So... In response to our new member's prompt (Welcome, by the way), Here goes...

"Instead of talking to people when you first met them, the only introduction you could give would be to show them a photograph. What would your photograph be of? Would it be color or black and white? Still or moving? Of a person or a thing? What would you be trying to say about yourself through this introductory photograph?"

The photograph I would show would be one of me in our school musical, or one of my with my instruments, or my friends, or with a cross.

- Musical picture - color - moving: It would be to show my two greatest loves - acting and singing. It would be a fun shot, of course.

- Instruments - black and white (w/ some color touch-ups) - still. To show my love of music. I'd have my clarinet, tenor sax, guitar, sousaphone, and a keyboard all surrounding me.

- My friends - color - still or moving. My friends are my inspiration. I'd be surrounded by all of those closest to me. My loves.

- The cross - Black and white - still. To show my first love - Christ. Because he loves me more than I could ever love him back.
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